Swiss Made Omega And Rolex Replica Watches Of High Quality For UK Men

Referring to the most popular sport watches, Rolex and Omega must be included. Today we will have a look at the luxury chronograph watches replica of Rolex and Omega.

Rolex Daytona 16520

There was a moment in life where I had two Rolex Daytona ref.16520 replica watch with Oystersteel bracelet in my collection. At some point, I had to make a decision about which to keep. While I loved the 16520 with Zenith movement more due to the white dial and contrasting black rings around sub-dials, it was missing its box and papers, even though it was a relatively young watch back at the time. This made me decide to keep my Daytona 116520 which came with the in-house movement and was a complete set.
Due to the lack of the box and papers, the Zenith Daytona was even hard to sell and it took me quite some time to find a buyer for it. At the time, this strengthened my views that I made the right decision. In the end, you don’t wear the box or papers but for a watch that isn’t too old, I still think it should be a complete set. Especially with seemingly endless growing prices, having a complete set is definitely a plus. On the other hand, watches are made to be worn and I still think the Zenith looks better. Since I had the dial of the white gold Daytona installed in my 116520 it completely changed the look for the better.
Speedmaster 3593.20 “Albino”

At some point, there was an opportunity to buy a cheap replica Omega Speedmaster Albino with retro style. Somehow I was intrigued by the looks of it. The creamy white dial with black hour markers matched the hands somehow. Having a completely different look and feel made me fall in love with this model. And, at some point, there was one available for a reasonable price. However, I didn’t have the money to hand. Hence I had to sell another fake watch to free up the funds. And although there was a buyer for it, by the time I finally sold it the Albino was long gone. As it is a rather rare model of only 500 pieces, the opportunity didn’t repeat itself for the same price.

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