Hublot Big Bang Unico Teak Replica Watches UK With King Gold Cases For Men

LapoElkann, the founder and Art Director of Italia Independent and Garage Italia has deeply discussed with Hublot about creating a wristwatch inspired by the nautical sport. Now they have made this idea come true. Hublot Big Bang fake with teak bezel is born which is limit to 100 pieces.

The integrated design of this Hublot presents the close relationship between the brand and sailboat sports.

Luxury Hublot Big Bang Knockoff Unico Watch

The model of the watch is from the sailboats Giovanni collected including “Azzurra”,“Agneta”,“ExtraBeat”,“Stealth” and “Tiketitoo”. The case and pushers of 45 mm Hublot copy watch are all made from king gold, the unique alloy made up from gold and platinum that is exclusively developed by Hublot. The orange hour markers and exquisite bezel made from teak creates a warm and mild atmosphere. By the way, teak is a precious material which is always used to decorated with deck of luxury sailboats.

The extraordinary movement provides a power reserve of 70 hours.

Self-Winding Mechanical Movement Copy Hublot

The movement calibre Unico HUB 1242 equipped inside of the knockoff watch with orange rubber strap has provided a power reserve of 72 hours. Meanwhile, the transparent sapphire crystal allows the wearers to enjoy the exquisiteness of the movement clearly, which also presents the advanced technology and outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship of Hublot.

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